How to Open a Locked Door - Expert Tips

Nov 1, 2023


Locksmith Monkey welcomes you to a comprehensive guide on how to open a locked door efficiently and securely. Our team of experts has years of experience in the locksmith industry, and we are here to provide you with valuable tips and step-by-step instructions to help you overcome any locked door situation. Whether you are locked out of your home, office, or car, we've got you covered!

Understanding Different Types of Locks

Before we dive into the methods of opening a locked door, it's essential to understand the different types of locks you may encounter.

1. Pin and Tumbler Locks

The most common type of lock found in residential and commercial buildings is the pin and tumbler lock. These locks consist of a series of pins of varying lengths that prevent the lock from rotating. By lifting the pins to the correct height, you can align them perfectly and unlock the door.

2. Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks provide an extra layer of security as compared to pin and tumbler locks. These locks don't use springs but rather a solid metal cylinder that slides into the door jamb, making it harder to force open. Opening a deadbolt lock requires specific techniques that we'll discuss in detail.

Methods to Open a Locked Door

Now, let's explore some effective methods you can use to open a locked door when you find yourself in a lockout situation.

1. Using a Credit Card

One popular method to open a locked door, especially those with spring latches, is by using a credit card or a plastic shim. Insert the card between the door and the frame, just above where the latch is located. Apply pressure and wiggle the card downwards while pushing the door handle. With the right technique, you may be able to disengage the latch and open the door.

2. Bypassing the Pin and Tumbler Locks

If you are dealing with a pin and tumbler lock, there are various methods you can utilize:

  • Lockpicking: Use specialized lockpicking tools, such as tension wrenches and lock picks, to manipulate the pins and unlock the door.
  • Bumping: Bumping is a technique that involves using a specially crafted bump key to jolt the pins inside the lock and unlock it. This method requires practice and skill.
  • Impressioning: Impressioning allows you to create a working key for the lock by making a mold of the keyway. While it may take time, it is a non-destructive method.

3. Picking Deadbolt Locks

Picking a deadbolt lock requires more advanced skills compared to pin and tumbler locks. The process involves using tension tools and specialized picks to manipulate the lock's components and align them correctly.

4. Using a Locksmith Tool

If you find yourself unsuccessful with the aforementioned methods, it may be worth investing in a locksmith tool, such as a lock bypass tool or an electric pick gun. These tools are designed to provide professional locksmiths with easier access to locked doors.

Remember: Hire a Professional Locksmith

While these methods can be effective in emergency situations, attempting to open a locked door yourself can sometimes cause damage to the lock or door. We strongly recommend hiring a professional locksmith, like Locksmith Monkey, to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience.


Opening a locked door can be a challenging task, but with the right techniques and tools, it can be accomplished efficiently. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the various methods of opening different types of locks. For all your locksmith needs, remember Locksmith Monkey is just a call away!

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